Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dior Homme

Left - Dior Shield Sunglasses, 250.00USD
Right - Butterfly Pin, 450.00USD

Left - Caviar Flat Shopper, 660.00USD
Right - Deville Silver Leather Duffle, 1740USD

Left - Silver High-Top Sneaker, 610.00USD
Right - Suede Zip Boot, 860.00USD

Dior Homme, the extreme label that comes to my sense of not just beautiful but ambiguity and passion. I did realize that Dior Homme has characteristic of slim-fit that was taken off since within the fashion business, this will not only show the indistinctness of fashion and arts for neither of its feministic nor masculinity because it is just plain beautiful... - Kevin Gan

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Designer Sunglasses said...

I just love the feel of dior homme sunglasses

. Looks good for both sexes.