Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Agnès b. Le Pain Grillé Tableware

Say hello to my very first set of tableware for my beautiful life by Agnès b.!!

Well it all started when I saw the Hermes Mosaique Au 24 Tableware which turned out to be a disappointment when I saw the real thing... plus, it's a little over of my budget I thought but when it comes to Hermes, I believe NOTHING is overpriced!
So when I was shopping in Causeway Bay last week, I walked into this huge Agnès b. store as I was told that Agnès b. in Hong Kong is reasonably priced. After viewing the men's collection that they carried, this beautiful set of clean, white tableware with little gray writing placed on a wooden cabinet outside of their Agnès b. Le Pain Grillé (Agnès b. Cafe) caught my attention and I thought, "What a beautiful set of tableware!!". After I glanced at the price on the edge of the cabinet, I was surprised to find out how affordable they are!!

Can't wait to use them... Hehe...

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Henry said...

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